The Shirley Rolls are a band that first came to our attention with the release of their 2013 7-Inch Werewolf. Clocking in at almost 5 min, it’s a retro-rocking throw back to the glory days of monster rock and was selected as the freshman release for Californian indie label Ghoulhouse Records – a small but hip operation with a penchant for cassettes and 45’s.

The Shirley’s have been churning out assorted releases since 2005, and while most bands that have been bangin’ on the scene for the best part of a decade may have strayed from their origins, this LA six-piece has stayed true to their roots. Their latest release Shivs is a gritty garage rock gem that’s sounds exactly like it should – like a young band partying on in their Dad’s garage while the old Betty from no. 67 gets on the blower to make yet another noise complaint to the fuzz. Shivs is out now through Ghoulhouse Records, and is available on a limited edition, flaming orange cassette tape. Dust of your walkman and get set to party.


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