Just A Little Bit / Lithuania 7-Inch
by Swedish Pop Factory

AUD $15.00


Swedish Pop Factory brings you ‘Just a Little Bit / Lithuania’, the first instalment from our self-produced debut record.

Just a Little Bit sucks the unsuspecting down the manhole and in to the Hi-NRG underworld. We don’t count 10 seconds in, and already its raps vs. beats. 

And from the Beastie Boys-esque chorus to the chastity belt breaking bridge, this is just what the title says—a fleeting glimpse of the machinations and pre-occupations of the suburban wasteland. Mmmm.

Propelled by a pulsating electronique grind, Lithuania drips from the bloodline of NYC breakbeat. 

Each MC pops shots off the mic to the tune of a simple sentiment, ultimately sealing the f*ckin’ lid on any (and all) who can’t readily handle a rapper’s nutsack: ‘You don’t know shit, m*thaf*cka!’


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by Swedish Pop Factory”

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