We seem to be featuring a disproportionate number of bands from Melbourne, Australia recently, sooooo … here’s another one.


Lorikeet is a four-piece outfit that churns out classic 60s pop tunes, wrapped in modern indie production, with a little bow on top. Whilst this style of writing and recording music is not exactly revolutionary, it’s one that countless bands attempt but ultimately suck at. Lorikeet, however, have a knack for writing great arrangements and melodies that truly compliment this style. When it’s all said and done, music is really just about melody, and Lorikeet write lovely melodies that you’ll be whistling for hours.


Why? is the name of the band’s debut single, and it’s available on the Lorikeet Bandcamp page. It’s a dynamite tune and certainly has us interested to see what this Melbourne four-piece puts out next. Hit play below and party!


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